Traveling in comfort is a major priority

when considering a destination. Therefore we work with transportation companies that have proven themselves and meet our exacting standards. Whatever mode of transportation you may require, TMB and our partners will guide you though.


Our TMB airport representatives will be awaiting your arrival, always with a welcoming smile. 

Our specially trained airport team is  able to assist with arrivals, departures, lost luggage, delayed flights and transfers to your destination of choice.


Rest assured ...TMB will organise a smooth transfer to your destination.


Belgium is situated between some of the most important countries in Europe. The Kingdom of Belgium may appear small in size, but nonetheless you will be amazed by the plethora of internationally renowned museums, Michelin Starred restaurants and numerous World Heritage sites.

What ever interests you, TMB with its local expertise will custom tailor your stay to meet your specific requirements, whatever they may be.

Weather it is a flower market, a tobacco shop, that special local beer, a doctors office or antique market, our local experts are always there to assist. 



While our guides possess an extensive

knowledge of Belgium and its history and culture, many are specialists in their own right on topics such as art restoration, culinary history or militaria. This diversity is what defines the strength of our team.

Whether you are interested in World War history, a guided walking tour in the Jewish quarter or tasting the Belgian culinary delights;  we have the right programme for you.


Making group reservations from abroad can often be difficult. TMB can assist you with purchasing tickets for museums, expositions or special events. Fancy at table at one the many Michelin Starred restaurants?  We will be delighted to make those arrangements for you.


As  the prefered partner for the majority of river cruise companies visiting Belgium, we are known for our flexibility and exceeding expectations.

Whatever the excursion,  we work directly with each agencies nautical departments to ensure smooth operations. 


TMB organizes guided tours for all size groups. Starting from individuals to larger group tours. (Please note we prefer to keep our group sizes to a maximum of 25.)

Personal audio head sets are available at a nominal fee. 

Bruges Office

Tel. 00 32 477 33 82 15


Geerwijnstraat 1 bus 0101

8000 Brugge



Filip Mattheeuws

Director of Operations


Daniëlle Janssens

Contract Manager

Antwerp Office

Tel. 00 32 494 475 367

Braderijstraat 15

2000 Antwerpen


Wim Helderweert

Director of Operations

David Pogul

Contract Manager & Consultant

Accounting Antwerp office